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Your cost: Only $5 each!
You can easily sell for: $10 each!

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Donors can help their charity & show their American Pride!

USA Pride Lighted Sign!


Comes with white 6 foot plug in cord!

This is a large sign!
25" Wide x 10" Tall x 1" Deep!!

No flashing or color change. 3 classy fixed colored lights to show your Pride!
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Packed one per box!

Perfect for:
Man Caves - Windows - Family Room - Office or Business - Garage - Game Room Etc

Best Quality

25 Year Warranty, UL Listed & Energy Star!

Love it or return it!! We are so confident in the quality that we offer a return policy!
We have had zero returns & zero quality complaints with over 150,000 units sold since 2001!!


How it works

    • 1) We make you a custom flyer for this item:

      At no charge! These are optional
      We can make you a custom digital color flyer and place your organizations name and logo on them at no charge!
      (click here for a sample of the flyer for this specific item) Supplied in full color in .PDF via email.

      How to use the optional digital custom color flyers:
      ---You can place a copy on your web site
      ---You can also print your own copies.
      ---You may forward them to your donors via email.

      We can also provide you with free digital receipts. These are optional, you may use your own. click here for sample.

      2) We deliver items to your door with no money from you:

      No gimmicks. Having some inventory in hand, will make it much easier for you to show and sell.

      No obligation
      No upfront money
      No penalties or fees
      No risk - You tell us when to pick them up and we will at our cost.
      Free delivery
      You have nothing to lose!

      You only pay for what you sell! You can return what you don't sell, no questions asked!
      We cover all delivery costs, even on returns.
      Since all our items are of the highest quality, yet affordable, we have never had a single return.
      In most cases you will need more because everyone loves our items and everyone can afford them
      Our items sell themselves!

      You tell us how many of each item you want us to deliver to you. We cover all delivery & pick up costs.
      You give us nothing unless you sell them. If you need more, just let us know.
      Minimum of free upfront inventory is determined on a per customer, per item basis.
      Unsold items will be picked up at our cost on a mutually pre-agreed upon date.
      Complete terms.

      You may review samples prior to receiving / selecting the upfront free inventory.

      3) You sell the items & collect the money:

      You can use the flyers to help you sell. But of course your main sales tool is having the actual items in hand.
      Now you can show and sell! Remember, our items essentially sell themselves.
      Sales Tips here

      You only pay us after you have sold the items & collected the money! Now that's no risk!

      Your cost is $5 each! You can easily sell them for $10 or more for each! That's 100% mark up! YES, THAT'S DOUBLE YOUR MONEY!
      It does not matter how many you sell or buy from us, your cost never changes! You control the profits!

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