1014 South Westlake Blvd - Suite #14 - #297
Westlake Village, Ca. 91361

Owned & operated by:
Let There Be Light Inc

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Our Mission:

Offer you quality candles that everyone can afford!

Easy to sell candles with 100% mark up - Make $5 to $7 profit for each candle you sell

We are so confident in our quality that we will deliver the candles you choose to your door with no money from you

Being able to show these amazing affordable quality items will make it much easier for you sell.

Pay us after you sell them

Easy & fast sales based on the prices & quality

Free delivery

How do we do it?:
We purchase in such high volume that we can offer you these low prices for quality unique candles

Please, no more unhealthy food & cheap trinkets for your next fundraiser

Schools, Churches, Sports teams, Youth Groups, Cancer, Community, PTA, PTO, Animals.
Any cause, non-profit charity or event to raise funds

Our products really sell themselves...Donors will love them!

Be the hero that made it happen for your cause!
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